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  • List Your Boat

    As the boating season approaches, avid boat owners are gearing up for adventures on the water. For those considering parting ways with their current vessel, now is the perfect time to consider listing your boat with Mar Azul Marine. Listing your boat before the boating season begins offers a host of advantages that can make the selling process smoother and more rewarding. 1. Early Exposure: By listing your boat with Mar Azul Marine ahead of the season, you ensure that your vessel gains early exposure to potential buyers who are actively preparing for the upcoming boating season. This increases the likelihood of attracting serious, motivated buyers. 2. Preparedness: Selling a boat involves various preparatory steps such as inspections, repairs, and documentation. By listing your boat early, you have ample time to address any necessary maintenance or cosmetic touch-ups, ensuring that your boat is presented in the best possible light to potential buyers. 3. Market Readiness: The lead-up to the boating season is a prime time for boat sales. By having your boat listed with Mar Azul Marine before the season kicks into high gear, you position yourself to take advantage of the increased market activity and interest from prospective buyers. 4. Professional Assistance: Mar Azul Marine offers professional assistance in the selling process, including marketing, showcasing, and negotiation support. By enlisting their expertise early, you can benefit from their extensive network and industry knowledge to facilitate a smoother and more profitable sale. 5. Maximizing Visibility: Early listing with Mar Azul Marine ensures that your boat gains visibility across various platforms and marketing channels, reaching potential buyers who are actively searching for their next marine adventure. 6. Streamlined Process: Listing your boat early allows for a more relaxed and streamlined selling process, reducing the stress and urgency often associated with last-minute listings. This can also lead to more favorable negotiation outcomes. 7. Upgrading Opportunities: Finally, by getting a head start on listing your current boat, you can also explore potential upgrade opportunities with Mar Azul Marine, ensuring that you are well positioned to transition seamlessly to your next vessel. In essence, listing your boat with Mar Azul Marine before the boating season commences is a strategic decision that can lead to a more efficient, rewarding, and successful selling experience. It allows you to showcase your boat to a receptive audience, benefit from professional support, and maximize your chances of securing a favorable sale. So, if you're considering selling your boat, take advantage of this opportune moment by listing with Mar Azul Marine. By doing so, you position yourself for a seamless and profitable selling experience, all while ensuring that your boat finds its next enthusiastic owner in time for the upcoming boating season. Ernie Portuondo Mar Azul Marine 305-642-0202 Office 305-336-8874 Mobile 305-397-1561 Fax

  • L & H Sportfishing – January 2022 Fishing Report

    January is when we start seeing the bigger fish in our area. Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi (dolphin) and kingfish have been showing up in better and better numbers for the boats kite fishing in 100-200ft. There are some nice mutton snappers being caught with both live and dead bait on the reefs. Along the beaches Spanish mackerel, bluefish and jacks are migrating down and these fish can be caught using live bait and small artificial lures. Finally this can be a great time of year for swordfish. It can be tricky with the weather, but if your lucky enough to find a nice day chances are good for getting a couple bites. We usually fish the swordfish with squid or Bonita bellies in 1500-1800 ft of water.

  • M & M Sportfishing – January 2022 Fishing Report

    Ballyhoo showers are starting to be a lot more consistent here in the upper keys. You could see anything from pelagic fish to reef fish on top water working the ballyhoo. High speed trolling also has been pretty effective for targeting Wahoo/King Fish. It’s a great time for live baiting as well, you can catch a variety of fish.

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  • COOL RUNNINGS | Mar Azul

    CAPTAIN JASON ROBINSON A South Florida native with a lifetime of fishing experience both inshore and offshore. Growing up in the Miami area has given Jason the opportunity to fish for everything from tarpon in the bay to billfish on the edge. The passion and love he has for fishing shows from the second you step on board. In the last 10 years he has competed, placed and won several world renowned tournaments. Captain Jason has been featured on multiple fishing television shows including "Bass2billfish" with Peter Miller. He also has knowledge fishing all over the Bahamas and the Caribbean. COOL RUNNINGS Serving Ft, Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach BOOK YOUR CHARTER Click here to book your charter. BOOK YOUR CHARTER WITH US!


    Mar Azul Marine would like to thank you for your business over the years! We appreciate each and every one of you for your continued support. It brings us great joy to have built so many long lasting relationships with our clients. Over the last eleven years that we have been in business, we have done our best to make the sale, purchase, and maintenance of your boats as enjoyable as possible. TESTIMONIALS Ernie is not only very well versed in all things associated with boating but he is a friend. The way he treated me and my specific needs resulted in not only a good professional relationship but a personal one as well. He is honest, a pleasure to deal with and has great all around energy. I recommend mar azul as a one stop shop for all your boating needs.” ​ Enrique Murciano Ernie, Nicole and their entire team went above and beyond to accommodate our boat transaction. Informative and professional every step of the way. I would highly recommend using Mar Azul Marine for any of your boat needs.” ​ David Bell Jonathon and Nicole walked us through every step from the first boat inspection, to the sea trial, boat survey, closing paperwork and registration/title documents. Highly recommend Mar Azul Marine!” ​ Sherry Kowalski YOUR FEEDBACK We would love to hear from you TELL US HOW WE ARE DOING

  • CHARTERS | Mar Azul

    Mar Azul Marine currently features a few charters in the South Florida area. Click below to learn more about these operations and to contact us if you would like more information or would like to book a trip with them. CHARTERS Ft, Lauderdale Miami Palm Beach Key Largo Islamorada Miami BOOK YOUR CHARTER WITH US! CHARTER A BOAT First Name Last Name Email* Phone Date Desired Month Information on Charter Desired* SUBMIT

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